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MOP 2017-18 NHL Pick'em II

Public Pool Created By MyOfficePool.ca
Commish Message
Feb 26: binionben wins the pool! He scored 9 for the week to win the week on the tie-breaker over Jack59, and pushes his total over the six weeks to 46, three points clear of second place. He will be the proud owners of a new MyOfficePool.ca t-shirt, which only recently arrived in the mail. I hope you are XL or XXL, or I will have to place another order. CelticRules and scooby10672 finish tied for second with 43 points. Thanks everyone for playing in this one. Today is the NHL trade deadline and there are six more Saturdays in the NHL regular season, so lets roll this over into another pool before the playoffs. I will set that up shortly.
- - -
Feb 20: CelticRules wins the week and pulls into a first place tie overall with binionben and one week to go! scooby10672is still in the running for overall win, but down by two he needs a strong week and a slip up by the other two. Time to take some chances. Wow we are getting some high scores in that late Saturday game for the tie-breaker. This is the final week but I will roll us into a new pick'em for the following week. Before we know it, then we will be into the hockey playoffs!
- - -
Feb 12: When I notice small bugs with the website I try to fix them as fast as possible, but especially when it effects me! I was wondering why the results were out of order from Saturday night, and now corrected, I did win the week. I went "crazy" picking a 6.5 goal tie-break for Oilers-Sharks and they combined for 10. Good game too, I caught the third period.

Eugenius and scooby10672 tied me at 8 right of 9. Should have been a perfect week if not for the stoopid Bruins (see: survivor pool rant). On our overall board Eugenius jumped up into a tie for first with 1960yankees and binionben while three trail tied for second. I am lagging back in 7th with goflames. Only two weeks to go before declaring our overall winner!
- - -
Feb 5: I stupidly missed making the first two picks on Saturday. I usually wait until the last day so I can test the pick reminder emails are being sent. Then I went to coach my son's soccer team middle of the afternoon and realized later I completely forgot about the 1:00 start games. Most of you got both wrong anyway, so I'm not sure I would have fared any better. My Mom on the other hand got both of those right, and than rang off 7 wrong in a row. Not a good week for the MacGregors.

Eugenius on the other hand won the week with 11 and 1 goal better on the tie-breaker than 1960yankees. goflames and scooby10672 were just behind each with 10 right. 1960yankees jumped up into a first place tie on the overall board with binionben, CelticRules and Jack59. Three weeks down, three to go in this pool.
- - -
Jan 22: binionben takes week two with 10 of 13. He knows his hockey. He is building up a strong record between our hockey pick'em and survivor pools since joining the site. Which reminds me, I should create a member pools history page. That would be pretty cool. Putting it on the long to-do list. We now have a three-way tie for first with 15 points. No one with 14, one with 13. All-star game this week, so week off for us here, see you in two!
- - -
Jan 15: CelticRules wins the first week! I did a double take on the tie-breaker thinking it didn't work because CR used 5.5 and his difference shows 5.5. Oh right! 11 goals scored in that Coyotes-Sharks late night tilt. Remember this contest is 6 weeks, so plenty of time to catch up and win the overall points title, but you don't want to miss a week.
- - -
Okay, after a short break lets get back it with the weekly hockey pick'em! I am ready to defend my title from the first half of the season. Pick the winners from the Saturday schedule plus total goals from the late game.

Free entry. Limit 1 entry per member. We are going to run this one for 6 rounds - Jan 13, 20, Feb 3, 10, 17 and 24 (NHL all-star game is on Jan 28). Then we will roll another for the final 6 weeks of the NHL season starting early March.

Prizes! Well, bragging right for sure. Plus an official MOP t-shirt to our overall winner! Priceless! Join any time, and good luck!
20 total

All Entries

1. binionben 5 10 9 7 6 9 46
2. CelticRules 7 8 9 6 7 6 43
2. scooby10672 4 8 10 8 5 8 43
4. 1960yankees 5 8 11 7 3 7 41
4. Eugenius 3 9 11 8 3 7 41
4. Jack59 6 9 9 6 2 9 41
7. Mike 5 7 7 8 4 7 38
8. Ditka 5 4 9 6 7 5 36
8. goflames 5 6 10 6 2 7 36
10. Jeep Patriot 3 7 8 5 3 9 35
11. Benjamin 4 7 9 6 3 5 34
12. Hugegolfhacker 6 6 6 6 8 32
13. IceBurn 3 7 6 5 8 29
14. evan0202 3 8 7 2 8 28
14. GrandmaMac 3 6 6 4 3 6 28
16. cneilson 4 8 5 2 7 26
17. Dominoswarrior 9 8 17
18. Cacciatorini 3 6 9
19. ursanator 5 5
20. coreyboy 4 4

[ NP ] = No pick submitted

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