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Hockey Survivor Pools

Welcome to our Hockey Survivor Pools!

Pick one team to win from Saturday's NHL schedule or get a strike. Optional single, double or triple knockout. Last entry alive is the winner.

These pools are currently unavailable, but will return next season!

Active Public Pools

MOP 2017-18 NHL Survivor II

Deadline passed

Entry Fee
FREE to enter
Bragging rights + swag
Sat Jan 13, 7:00 pm Eastern
# of Entries

Commish Message Apr 11: Wow, where are the days going? NHL Playoffs start tonight! I've been busy, and a bit remiss to update this pool and say congrats to our 3 (!) winners! Great job binionben, CelticRules and wayjoy. Thought we would finally might have a single winner in this pool when every pick came up different the last week, but... nope. All correct, except IceBurn, who we lost last week. I will send out a t-shirt to each of you. Thanks everyone for playing, and enjoy the playoffs!

- - -
Apr 1: Oh that is weird, we've played this long and IceBurn forgot to make his pick. Ah, he hasn't used his default yet and gets Arizona, not ideal. And of course he got it right! Along with the rest of you picking the Devils. You'd think choices were getting pretty slim by now but you guys keep knocking down winners. If more than one is alive after next week - last week - then we will roll over to week 1 of next NHL season... April Fool's! Just kidding. I will do a random draw for the winner of the t-shirt.
- - -
Mar 26: I thought Celtic was in good shape as the only one who could pick the Leafs Saturday, but that was a close one against the Red Wings. Four picks, four advance. It does appear to be getting easier to pick as the playoffs get closer, I guess as some teams are still fighting while some are looking forward to golf. Anyway on to another week to try to decide this thing.
- - -
Mar 19: I go away for a week and you four are still trying to figure this out! Ha ha. Although CelticRules finally got his first strike with a misstep taking the Black Hawks Saturday so now it is truly a one and done survivor to decide this thing. I will extend the pool to include Sat Mar 31 and Sat Apr if necessary.
- - -
Mar 5: Come on you four, lets not drag this on forever.
- - -
Feb 26: Well that didn't solve anything, although there were certainly some close calls Saturday night. I think I will set up a single strike Survivor III for the final six weeks of the NHL regular season while these four keep fighting to be crowned Survivor II champ.
- - -
Feb 20: Hope everyone had a good Family Day weekend if you celebrated that where you live. Wow, another rough Saturday night for our survivor pool. Eight alive entries going in, six wrong resulting in four exits from the pool and first strikes for two more. CelticRules is the only perfect entry through five weeks while binionben, IceBurn and wayjoy are on their last chance. Maybe we will open another survivor pool this season.
- - -
Feb 12: Stupid Bruins! I turn on sports radio and all I hear about is how wonderful the Bruins are right now. Playing amazing. Can't be stopped. Yada, yada, yada... Hey, they are playing the Sabres - easy survivor pick this week. Nope. At least I wasn't the only one to fall for it. Six others joined me, and I'm not sure why my Mom (or J.P.) took the Oilers. She loves supporting the Canadian teams even when she shouldn't, from a pool perspective. Down to 8 alive and 5 with their first strike.
- - -
Feb 5: Had LA actually lost to the Coyotes when we would have had many more red x's on the board Saturday night. But, it wasn't even close with the Kings winning 5-0. We did lose domenic10 who got stuck with Arizona as a default pick, and monstermike picked up an x on
Philly. Other than that, nice job returning from the break!
- - -
Jan 22: That was a rough Saturday! We don't usually get that much consensus in hockey survivor, but the St. Louis Blues over Arizona Coyotes matchup was just too sweet to pass up. But pass it up we should have! Yotes win 5-2, red x's everywhere. Now we only have 6 entries perfect through two weeks. We have a break with the All-Star Game so see you back here in two weeks.
- - -
Jan 15: For all the choices on the board it was a bit of a tough opening week with the Vegas Golden Knights upset, Dallas Stars and New Jersey Devils contributing to 6 strikes on our board. Most made it through. Remember this one is only double knockout so if you get a strike, then you are on your last chance. Thanks for playing and good luck!
- - -
We still have four alive in our first half NHL survivor that started way back in October, but I am getting impatient and am ready to get a new survivor pool going. This is it!

Free entry. Limit 1 entry per member. This time - double knockout - two strikes and you are out. It starts Jan 13 and runs to the end of the season if necessary.

Bragging rights are on the line plus an official MOP t-shirt to the last member standing. Join any time, even after the deadline, but new entries after round two (Jan 20) are ineligible to win. Play along for fun. Good luck!

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