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Mike's March Madness Survivor II ($42 entry)

Private Pool Created By Member Mike
Commish Message
Apr 1: We had four alive entering the Final Four round and everyone already used Michigan to get there, and with no one picking Loyola, it came down to a pair of Villanova picks for Eugenius and snicks 2 versus a pair of Kansas picks for hoops 2 and Rward877. Well Kansas was apparently no match for Villanova as the Jayhawks got steamrolled Saturday night in what should have been a much more exciting game. But I'm sure Eugenius and snicks 2 are happy - they win the pool! They take home $880 each. Thanks everyone for playing! Enjoy the Championship game Monday.
- - -
Mar 26: We lost three in the Elite Eight giving us 4 alive from the original 44, for the Final Four! Lets see here... Eugenius didn't have high hopes for Michigan using them way back on day one. His only choice is Villanova. hoops 2 also used Michigan early. His pick is Kansas. Rward877 picks between Kansas and Loyola. snicks 2 can pick Loyola or either of the remaining #1 seeds in the Kansas vs. Villanova game. Great stuff! First game is Saturday evening, and good luck!
- - -
Mar 23: And then there were 8! Mind you only deeez_nutz is safe from picking Loyola and the other 7 await results from tonight's action. We lost 10 last night to kick off the Sweet 16. Hard to imagine this pool goes all the way to the Championship, but first thing is first, lets see who will join deeez_nutz in the Elite Eight.
- - -

Who is up for a new mini-March Madness Survivor pool?
Starts Sweet 16! Four rounds, $22 entry, right here

Mar 19: You guys are still doing better than the $20 pool, but we did pass the midway point of alive to out entries. We have 41% alive here after the opening weekend, only 28% over in the other pool. We had a sprinkling of all of the upsets here - North Carolina (wow, they could not shoot yesterday), Cincy, Michigan State and of course another #1 falls, Xavier. Schedule is in for the Sweet 16 and we get back underway on Thursday. Good luck!
- - -
Mar 18: We lost 6 on Wichita State and a single on TCU Friday, then another 4 on Tennessee yesterday. All in all you guys are doing pretty good because the other pools are less than half alive entries from their start. We still have 26 alive of 44. Of course this group appears to be a lot more risk averse with a number of Duke, Villanova and Kansas picks yesterday. Who is going to take a chance today? Who is going to play it "safe"? And does it really matter?!? Good luck getting to the Sweet 16 and enjoy the games!
- - -
Mar 16: Nice turnout for the "high rollers" pool at 44 including Jdfonz. I'm already out so I can't play along any more thanks to Arizona losing to Buffalo. And not just losing but getting absolutely hammered. That caused 5 early exits from this pool along with a single for each of Oklahoma and Miami. For the rest still alive, get your pick in before 12:15pm Eastern and good luck today!
- - -
So lets get to it... March Madness! Similar to last year I will run two March Madness Survivor pools. This one is $42 per entry - that is $40 towards the pool plus $2 admin fee to cover PayPal fees, Interac fees, etc. The other pool is $22 per entry. Join one or both, and multiple entries are allowed.

Entry deadline and first pick due Thursday March 15th, 12:15pm. Everyone pay ASAP via Interac or PayPal to mike [at] myofficepool.ca or risk being removed from the pool and not asked back!

Remember you need to submit a pick before the deadline every day for the first four days of the tournament starting the Thursday. This is winner take all. Love this pool. Enjoy and good luck!
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Format · Classic Survivor!

  • Get pumped for incredible college basketball action!
  • Pick one team to WIN its game
    • If they win, advance to the next round
    • If they lose, take a strike
  • Once you have one strike , you are out of the pool
  • You CANNOT pick the same team twice
  • Last entry to survive is the winner!

Rules Summary

Starting the first round of the pool (the pool excludes the play-in games) you have to pick one team that will win its game straight up (no point spreads).

If the team you picked wins, then you survive to the next round to pick another team to win.

If the team you picked loses, then you receive a strike. Once you collect one strike, then you are eliminated from the pool.

The rounds of the pool are as follows: First Round Thursday games, First Round Friday games, Second Round Saturday games, Second Round Sunday games, Sweet 16, Elite 8, Final Four and the National Championship game.

If necessary, the pool will run through the National Championship game on Saturday April 6, 2019.

You cannot pick the same team more than once during the pool.

The last person in the pool still alive after all others have been eliminated, our Survivor, is the winner.

The pool will continue as long as there are entries still alive or until the pool's final round, whichever comes first.

Make sure to review the Tie Breakers and Mass Knockout Rule described below.

Important Points

Pick Deadline

The final deadline for making your pick is opening tipoff of the first game of each round. The deadline for each round, all times Eastern, are as follows:

First Round Thursday Thu Mar 21, 2019 12:15 pm
First Round Friday Fri Mar 22, 2019 12:15 pm
Second Round Saturday Sat Mar 23, 2019 12:10 pm
Second Round Sunday Sun Mar 24, 2019 12:10 pm
Sweet 16 Thu Mar 28, 2019 7:09 pm
Elite Eight Sat Mar 30, 2019 6:09 pm
Final Four Sat Apr 6, 2019 6:09 pm

* Dates and times are tentative until the official schedule is released.

The deadlines will be strictly enforced! There will be no exceptions for picks not being submitted on time.

Default Pick

If no pick is submitted prior to the deadline, then a default pick will be assigned a maximum of once per entry for the length of the pool. If an entry already used a default pick in a previous round, then no pick is assigned and the entry takes a wrong pick for that round.

The default pick will be the team with the best (most favoured) point spread line for the round.

Alternate Pick Submission

If you are having difficulty submitting your pick online, then send the pick by email to mike@myofficepool.ca. Make sure to clearly state the name of the pool, your username, entry number, round of the pool and pick. The email must be received time stamped prior to the deadline and from the email account associated with your username.

We take no responsibility for email being delayed past the deadline or not being delivered. Everyone should use the online system to make their picks and only send an email in the case of an emergency.

Tie Breakers

As the March Madness tournament is an elimination, it is possible to run out of available teams to select, so the following tie breakers exist:

An entry that survives a round but does not have any teams left to pick from is deemed to have survived further than an entry that does not survive that last round.

An entry that can pick a team but loses in a round is deemed to have survived further than an entry that had no teams to pick from at the start of that round.

Mass Knockout Rule

If more than five entries are all eliminated in the same round and these eliminations would result in the conclusion of the pool, because there are no more alive entries, then these entries will be considered still alive and play on if there are available rounds remaining in the pool.

If five or fewer entries are all eliminated in the same round and these eliminations result in the conclusion of the pool, then those entries are all considered equal winning entries.

Multiple Winners

If more than one entry is still alive at the end of the pool, then those alive entries are all considered equal winning entries.

S h a r e    t h i s    P a g e

F o l l o w    M O P    o n    T w i t t e r

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