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MOP World Cup Russia 2018

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Commish Message
FIFA WORLD CUP - WOO-HOO! This is our public pool for the greatest sporting event played every four years, and yes, I am including the Olympics - summer or winter. Those are great too, but still, soccer!

Join our public pool by filling in a bracket picking the 1st and 2nd place teams from the Group stage and knockout round winners all the way to the Final. Then sit back and enjoy the games.

Free entry. Limit 1 entry per member. Expect a lot of entries in this one so big time bragging rights are on the line. Plus I am giving away some MOP t-shirts and maybe some other stuff we will figure out between now and June. Good luck!

All Entries

NameGroup StageRound of 16Quarter-FinalsSemi-FinalsFinalPoints
Aceventura 0
Cacciatorini 0
cammjr 0
Dezod00 0
Ditka 0
imlovinigit 0
Jeep Patriot 0
klinsi_18 0
kschmick 0
Libradragon 0
magic_water 0
Mike 0
pablorva 0
Pistola24 0
scottdeeby 0
tank54 0
TheBakes 0
the_nessmonster 0
Torin14 0
_______________ 0

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