World Cup Starts in Under Two Weeks


We are less than two weeks away from the start of the World Cup and the entry deadline for our World Cup Pools!

Unbelievably, the email service that helps assure all of our email gets to its intended recipient went over our quota for the month of May. The next quota level is very expensive, so I waited until June 1 to send this note. Now these member updates are just for our soccer mailing list.

If you are already in, great! You can edit your picks up to the entry deadline, June 14th at 11:00am ET. Make sure you picked the 3rd place game!

If you aren't in one of our World Cup Pools yet then lets get to it! Options:

Create a Private Pool

You and your co-workers want to compete to see who can best predict the World Cup. Set up your own pool giving it a unique name, set a few options, join yourself and invite whomever you like.

We already have a bunch of private pools. (Questions, commishes? - email me) The most common question I get is, "is this free?" Yes, yes, our private pool service is free, although donations are appreciated. Or, remove ads from your pool, which is more helpful than the fractions of pennies from ads and makes your pool pages load faster and look nicer.

Join MOP Free Entry Public Pool

Don't want to be a commish, just want to play? No problem. We have a free entry public pool to compete in against the community.

This one will test your skill, we already have over 750 entries! If anyone would like to promote their business by offering up a prize that would be great. Let me know.

Join Mike's $22 Entry Private Pool

So you want to play for a little money? I'm with you. Join my small stakes private pool I set up. All are welcome. $2 to cover transaction fees and $20 to the prize pool, paid out to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. More details in my commish message on the pool results page.

Hit me up by email or on Facebook or Twitter (links below) if you have any questions about our World Cup pools. Can't wait, it is not long now!


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