World Cup Starts This Week!


Well, you guys finally did it. Blew past my email service quota requiring an upgrade, and broke the free public World Cup pool temporarily, now all good after I programmed it to limit the entries per page. Its all good - I am excited about the World Cup starting this week!!!

Most of you are already in one or more of (a) a private pool you created or were invited to join, (b) our free public pool, and (c) my $22 entry pool, which is awesome. Thanks for using the website! But, I wanted to email with a few important reminders.

Most importantly - and I really hope this isn't a problem -

Make sure you are in the right private pool!

Every pool includes a title at the top, whether it is private or public, and who the commish is. If you are logged in then any pool results page will show your entry and picks for that pool near the top of the page. Links to all of your active pools are found, when logged in, under your username in the upper-right, or on the World Cup main page. If you think you have a problem, email me and I will try to respond and help asap.

Donations, Ad Removal's bottom line isn't my top priority in life, or clearly, I wouldn't do this and instead continued being a tax accountant! (Story for another day.) However, I am incurring some time and expense so if you could, use the links to remove ads for your private pool for a small fee - makes the site look nicer too - and donations are appreciated.

B2B Networking

If your company is looking for a sponsorship opportunity, or want to run a promotional pool for any sport, or need a PHP web developer and/or Microsoft Excel expert to do consulting work (sports or non-sports), then connect my LinkedIn profile and send me a message.

Last Call to Join

If you aren't in one of our World Cup Pools yet you are really running out of time. Options:

Thanks everyone for playing! Please follow MOP on Facebook and Twitter. Looking forward to an awesome World Cup and good luck in your pools!


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