World Cup Pools Commish Update III


And we're off! The last of the opening match group games is on today, and I wanted to check in with you, our private pool commissioners, to make sure all is good with your World Cup pool.

If you missed my prior commish updates, you can find them here and here. Now your pool is underway, here are key points to share as a result of emails I answered since last Thursday.

What To Do About Pick Errors In My Pool?

I received a handful of emails indicating, "a person in my pool mistakenly has Belgium both winning and finishing 2nd in Group G, can you change it?" That probably happened when the site was slow last Thursday when we saw unprecedented web traffic. It was crazy!

As a result of the slowness, the internal check didn't process to prevent the same team being picked in two spots. Check the entries in your pool. If this happened then email me the details - pool, entry and required changes - and I will change it for you.

Can I Still Add People To My Pool?

It is getting a little late to add people IMHO, but it is your pool and I got this request a lot last Thurday and Friday, so I added the ability to allow people to join your pool even after the deadline.

Go to your Edit Pool page under Commish Tools, and at the bottom is a new option to allow people to join any time. Check that. After your new entries are in (even if you put them in yourself), then turn that option off again to restrict new entries.

When Do The Points Show Up?

Per the rules, we picked teams to finish 1st and 2nd in their respective groups to start. Regardless of certain performances on the pitch so far, nothing is locked up, so there is nothing to update yet. Once group positions are decided, then points will start to accumulate.

I will also set up automated results emails to all private pools once or twice a week. All members should receive this email if they have that option set to receive in their member profile. For entries you entered in your pool on someone else'e behalf, then you may want to forward them the email after you get it.

Thanks again for choosing for your World Cup pool! If you have any questions let me know via email, Twitter or on our Facebook page (links below).


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