Free Entry - $250 Thank You (Week 2) Survivor


Week 1 is in the books! And as many of you know it was a tumultuous weekend for our NFL Survivor and NFL Pick'em pools. In more ways than one!

I won't make a habit of emailing all of our football members every week in-season, but I have some important news to share. The best news is up first.

Join Free Entry - $250 Thank You (Week 2) Survivor

This morning I created a new Free Entry, $250 Prize Football Survivor Pool that starts this week, Week 2. This is open to all members, and unlike the usual, "I will send you a t-shirt sometime", free entry pools, I am putting up a $250 prize in this one. Single knockout, cannot pick the same team twice, limit one entry per member. Deadline to join is this Sunday at 1:00pm Eastern. And why am I doing this? Read on...

Website Issues Last Sunday

Let me say again, I am very sorry for our highly unfortunate website issues this past Sunday. Without rehashing the details I sent Sunday to all members who were already entered in any of our football pools, it was beyond my control, beyond the web host's control, and we were stuck until the data center got their network fixed from a major denial of service attack.

We came back online about 6:00pm Eastern. Regardless of who is ultimately to blame, I wanted to create the above pool as a sorry + thank you appreciation to our members. That is what that is for. Special thanks to those who sent words of encouragment and support.

Also, private pool commissioners - you can still email me if you want new members to join your pool with picks from Week 1, or need to change Week 1 picks. Lets get this wrapped and behind us so we can carry on to Week 2!

Steelers-Browns Tie Game

I somewhat feel since I poked fun of Le'Veon Bell last week, he and/or the Steelers are trying to mess with me. The site goes down, I've got him in one fantasy league, and then, the Steelers go and TIE the Cleveland Browns the first week of the season! So what does that mean for our survivor pools? It is a loss. The results are already updated, but since a few people asked I wanted to give more detail here.

In survivor, the goal is to pick a team to win, not pick a team to not lose, so a loss or a rare tie results in an "x", and in this case an exit from the pool if it is single knockout. This is not a universal rule but the majority of survivor pools do this. I happen to be playing in one at Yahoo right now that did just that. And, historically, our pools applied this to ties in the NFL.

Create a Private Pool

You can actually create your own private pool to start any time, so if you survivor pool lost half of its entries last week, get going on a second chance pool already. Create your pool links are available on the NFL Survivor and NFL Pick'em main pages, and I will open up the NHL hockey survivor and pick'em pools soon, too.

Survivor Advice

If you are looking for weekly survivor advice check out They recently published their Week 2 Opening Line report. I connected with @sppicks on Twitter, so give them a follow, and hey, please follow @MyOfficePoolca too.

Pick reminder emails went out this morning. Those will continue until you make your pick(s) for the week. If you didn't get one but feel you should have, then you can message me to look into it. Thanks!


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