NHL Returns! Join Pick'em, Survivor Pools


Are you PUMPED for the return of the NHL like Auston Matthews?

This is a reminder to join one of our Hockey Pick'em or Hockey Survivor pools. There are free entry and small stakes pay options, or create your own pick'em or survivor and invite your friends.

MOP Free Entry
NHL Pick'em

Think you know hockey? Pick the winner of every game on the Saturday schedule.

Starts Oct 6th. Tracks weekly and overall results.

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MOP Free Entry NHL Triple Knockout Survivor

Triple knockout - three strikes and you are out. Cannot pick the same team twice.

Starts Oct 6th. Last entry alive is the winner!

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If you prefer to play for a little more than a t-shirt or Tim Horton's cards (I am up to 3 packs), I created two of my own private small stakes pools, all welcome to join.

Mike's $22 Entry 6-Week NHL Pick'em

Payouts: weekly 1st place 12%, overall 1st place 20%, 2nd place 8%.

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Mike's $22 Entry NHL Double Knockout Survivor

TWO strikes and you are out. You CAN pick the same team more than once.

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I also opened two new football pools yesterday with a Week 6 (next week) start. There is a second chance survivor pool, and our next 5-week point spread pick'em. Limited entries in the survivor pool, so don't miss out.

Thanks and enjoy the Leafs-Habs at 7:00 Eastern tonight, Flames-Canucks at 10:00, plus you can flip to A's-Yankees wild-card game, 8:08 start time.


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